If This Were Fiction….how would they leave the race?

If this were fiction, how would Santorum, Gingrich and Paul leave the race?

Of course, they can’t actually leave the race, as in withdraw,  because of campaign finance issues. But it looks like it will be over before the convention.

Good fiction would not have them leave quietly. It has to be a bit unpredictable. A scandal?  Unfortunately, we can all imagine it, but, no violence please.

But we do have drama. Regardless of how you feel about the candidates, did you ever work in a campaign for someone? You really believe in them. You hope. You work long hours and hope.

Gingrich wound down his campaign yesterday. One third of his staff fired, his campaign manager gone.

The folks who thought they might have a White House pass in a few months are now unemployed. If you have ever worked in a campaign, you feel their pain. You know there is drama for them.

And what about the former Speaker?  He will want a speech at the convention. He will try to get something in the GOP platform that he can claim credit for. The next chapter will tell whether he will try to help Romney get elected. Or not.  Then, if Romney is elected, will he want a job?

My guess is, no. He will not want to go through the confirmation process. He can write books, give speeches and influence policy. Is that a third act? Or a very long second?

If I were writing this scene, Gingrich might be relieved. A little. Campaigning is grueling, but having people cheer you, applaud you, adore you– does energize. The reality that this was his last, best chance, that he may be too old to ever run again. For someone who has been sure he would be President someday, that has to suck.

Also, he will deny it, and isn’t that rather tragic.

How do you think it will unwind?

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