Bob Carson: “Romney picks Ryan”

We don’t know where Bob Carson is, but since he is a fictional character from Spin Doctor, let’s assume, since it is August and he lives in Washington, he is at the beach and specifically, at a bar. Yes, I know it is rather early.
Last night he sent an email:

For God’s sake, get M.C. to pull down the VP poll. It’s Ryan. There’s a story in that he is going camping with his family starting next Sunday. Duh. I see through that story like a pane of glass. If you are going to be a surprise VP pick, you have to disappear from your friends, family and staff. And we know the unlikelihood, although an amusing idea, that the press corps will follow Ryan and his family into the forest.
So fix the damn poll before we are all embarrassed.

I never listen to fictional characters, however, it does seem like the  VP poll may be a bit dated. You can still vote in it. I will spare you the suspense: Rubio won by a huge margin. Here is a new poll to narrow things down a bit. Do you agree with Bob. or do you think Romney has someone else in mind?

Comments welcome!

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