Latest from Jack: Guard the Sand Castles: Here come the Democrats!

Just got an email from Jack Abbott*, who can’t resist offering a few thoughts on the news of the day:

“On my way to Tampa to meet Bob. Can’t wait to get there to watch the fray. Question is, will the Democrats be able to stomp all over the sand castle of momentum the GOP is building in Tampa?

The carefully planned week of GOP rock stars is dominating the news. Even with a hurricane in the Gulf, barring unforeseen circumstances, devastating gaffes or tragedies, the Romney campaign should be able to pile up some support this week.

You already know the Obama campaign isn’t standing aside. They planned to send Biden down to kick up some sand earlier in the week, although that gambit was scuttled by Isaac.

But they still aren’t  on the sidelines watching, waiting for the castle turrets to be formed: The muscle men of the Democratic party are heading to Tampa right now to wedge themselves into the GOP convention news with a press conference on Bain Capital:  Los  Angeles Mayor AntonioVillaraigosa  and Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley will join Robert Gibbs for a presser today, and the Obama campaign is setting up a “war room” a few blocks away from the convention according to Politico.  I think we know the answer to the question of whether their press conference will be covered. But,  how will it look to step on the big night for Ann Romney?

The Democratic Convention is only a few days away. Mitt Romney’s speech Thursday night becomes that much more important as he tries to make a connection with voters that can’t be washed away by the Democratic tide when it comes in next week. So many voters focus on the election for the first time during the conventions. If he can make the right impression it might carry him through the effort by the Obama Campaign to drive up his negatives.

When the Democrats convene in Charlotte, they’ll want to build their own momentum, of course. You have to assume, even if they don’t use those columns this time, they will probably get some kind of bump, too.

So is the Romney campaign all over this? Do they have a killer week planned, with events to upstage the Democrats in Charlotte? Or are they going to play nice, follow the precedents of the past? I’ll see what I can find out.

There are no lifeguards on this beach. Swim at your own risk and watch out for bullies.

I’ll let you know when I find Bob.”

*Jack and Bob are characters from my novel Spin Doctor, a fast-paced, original political thriller you might enjoy if you like politics.

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One response to “Latest from Jack: Guard the Sand Castles: Here come the Democrats!

  1. I think the democrats are melting down if Chris Matthews meltdown is indicative of party strength. He seems to be whining the Republican Convention is after Obama again witht the Birther Thing. lol

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