The Final Word

It is with great sadness that I must write to tell you that M.C. Lewis passed away July 22, 2018 after a short and vicious fight with cancer.

Lewis did not go quietly into the good night poking the disease in the eye with every breath mustered as they went at it no less than four times before cancer winning in the fifth and final fight.

Lewis loved writing and loved writing to the people who liked the book. What Lewis loved most of all is the acceptance the fans had for the writing. And what Lewis would find mildly amusing is what I admit to you now.

M.C. Lewis was my best friend, my lover and my wife for nearly 30 years. Early in her writing career she made the tactical decision to write under a pseudonym of initials to mask her feminine name.  She never believed she would be readily accepted in writing in a male’s voice if she was open that her first name was Mary. You, her fans, accepted her writing openly sending queries, comments and requests to “Dear Mr. Lewis.”

Nothing pleased her more and for that, I, her husband, thank you.

When she passed away, she was still working on a prequel to “Spin Doctor” based on the main players there. It is about 80 percent finished and if I can find the right ghost-writing help, we’ll make sure it sees the light of day.

Her full obituary, with details about her life and where the writing came from, will appear tomorrow in the Baltimore Sun and possibly the Annapolis Capital.

We all have multiple pages in our lives and when Mary turned hers to this, nothing made her happier. When you honored her with your love and respect, nothing made her smile more. For that, my children and I thank you.

I am only sorry the pages ended way too soon.

Randall D. Fisher


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